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    Callington Mill Gift Card


    Know a whisky lover? Looking for the perfect gift? Our gift cards can be used to purchase bottles our award winning single malt whisky - both online and in our...

    Poltergeist Citrus Gin


    This gin ‘dares to be different’, it's bold and courageous. A true explosion of citron flavours. It is an audacious, adventurous and fearless gin. Poltergeist Citrus Gin bursts with citrus notes of lime...

    Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin


    Poltergeist Unfiltered, our signature gin, our flagship gin. Rest assured, the way we make our unfiltered gin has never changed and never will. It remains ‘unfiltered’ and ‘unaltered using exactly the same secret botanicals ‘formula’ as the Poltergeist...

    Poltergeist Barrel Aged Gin


    Like a genie in a bottle. We rested and aged our unfiltered gin in Oak Casks.  The Oak influence has added multiple layers of complexity and maturity, resulting in a multi dimensional gin...



    The triple distilled single malt is called Emulsion, it was crafted by Damian Mackey, our founder, John Ibrahim's partner in Shene Distillery.This Single Malt Whisky matured in special handcrafted 100L...



    The spirit for the Symmetry Single Malt Whisky was procured from our founder, John Ibrahim’s partnership with Bill Lark, the godfather of Tasmanian Whisky at Old Kempton Distillery. Aged exclusively...

    Apera Fusion


    The spirit for the Apera Fusion Single Malt Whisky was crafted under the careful tutelage of Bill Lark, our founder John Ibrahim's business partner at Old Kempton Distillery.Initially aged in...



    The Quintessence Single Malt Whisky was exclusively crafted by Old Kempton Distillery and matured in small 20L Australian Tawny Casks until ready to savour.The complexity of the whisky was further...



    This abstract Single Malt whisky is named Entropy and was painted on a canvas of distilled spirit crafted by Old Kempton Distillery under the watchful eye of business partners John...



    The Audacity Single Malt Whisky is the jewel in the crown of the 'Leap of Faith' series. Callington Mill acquired this Old Kempton Distilled spirit, initially aged in 20L Australian...

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